Rebecker Specialties, Inc.

Transforming Data Into Intelligence With Spatial Computing

XR Devices will become as ubiquitous as Chromebooks

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XR devices worldwide


CAGR in the XR device market

3 9B

2021 AR/VR Investment

Our Team

25-year veteran in Product and Technology Leadership

Increase your operational IQ by 20% with just 15 minutes in Mixed Reality, then share those insights and questions with other people.

This is just the beginning

Rebecker Specialties, Inc. was founded to democratize deep comprehension for learners and knowledge workers.

  • Our products do not require an internet connection, just purchase and "unplug".
  • We can transform many-dimensional data into actionable insights, without sending private data off-device.
  • Our technology aligns to open standards, reducing obstables that normally prevent collaboration across Spatial Computing devices.
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